Lemborco has three values which is a lighthouse for us. Values directly impact the behaviour of the person. Values define modes of socially acceptable conduct and therefore social sanction may make us make adjustments in our values. Values always help to wright decision at right time and making sure that integrity and consistency goes smooth parallel.
We have declared three values

  1. Be Honest in Each Relationship
  2. Consistency, Reliability and Sustainability
  3. Milk The Resources Not to Exploit

Be Honest in Each Relationship

Being honest is the best thing in the world so you need to so the honesty with corporate world also.

  1. Be honest with you job and complete it’s within the assigned time frame
  2. Be honest with company policies and responsibilities when even no one is watching you
  3. An Honesty is the best policy
  4. Be honest with your customer, client and each and every stakeholder
  5. Be honest while judging or taking any decision for the company and for you your subordinator
We believe being honest can lead to a world class corporate culture.

Consistency, Reliability and Sustainability

These values are a panopticon for us to take decision, monitor them and innovate them.


All the business plan should consistent towards market growth. We believe that a consistence policy, model and workface will lead the organization. Lots are lots more to discuss about consistency in terms of Data, concept and process. Frequently changing process cannot produce a consistence profit.


All the business plan should be sustainable towards market growth. We’re trying embed reliability in our product and services so can fit for one of need accurately. Reliability is very important to maintain consistency.


All the business plan should be sustainable towards market growth. If we ignore the market change and need than it’s very obvious our products also going to ignore the profitability.

Milk The Resources Not to Exploit

This value teaches us that take the food that can fulfil your hunger and not more than that.
Let’s take one example human resource, what will be happen when we start exploiting them instead of milking their labour; they will start leaving your company or it will raise an integrity issues for whole organization.
Let’s take one more example of Internet and YouTube, what will happen when we starting spending all time on YouTube and Internet; we think that life will go to hell. Anything using more than its requirement is not impact your health but also impacting you financially, emotionally and personally because you have to balance your personal and professional life.
These were the small example related to individual but you see you will find there are many organizations who exploit the natural resource for commercial exploitation and not care about anything about nature, people who live there and bad consequences to other nature resource.

We will not do how whole world is doing because we are different from others and we see the world differently. We’re the more responsible person for the next the coming generation.
If you've any question, then don’t forgot to write to us board@lemborco.com