Lemborco Universal is a centralize account for our stakeholder which includes customer, associate, personnel and developer. To bring the transparency we brought this strategy where one account enough to authenticate all google account and every product have own dashboard and profiling.

One account for all Lemborco product and services and each stakeholder will be having dedicated account and where they catch watch each and every activity that we operate and server to them.

Member of universal account system

1. Associate Account
2. Automata Account
3. Customer Account
4. Developer Account
5. Enterprise Account
6. Inspection Account
7. Personnel Account

Unlock the potential of Lemborco product and services you just need one registration that will be enough to for us to give you all access and control to you.

We’re coming very soon with this facility which will available at universal.lemborco.com and meanwhile, if you have any question than please feel free to contact us on below communication channel.

Contact Call : +91-8884443005

Contact Email : universal@lemborco.com