Lemborco Presence

Lemborco Presence a tool of our company where we control media, communication, receive feedback and trying to rich out to customer, client, investor, board member, company personnel and every people ever connect to us.

We have various channel to talk to our people and very dedicatedly trying to catch every beat, every pitch and point-to-point communication. We always impose to have undivided, transparent and sustainable intimacy with our people.

Lemborco Presence

Lemborco Presence provides strong connection for every media



Feedback is a very close and transparent communication channel which we have, any stakeholder including customer, client, board member, employee, associate, investor and auditor can rate, suggest and provide their feedback. We’re responsible to give response on time of their feedback.
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We’ve a trail of interview which conducted with our people. All interviews are available on our official YouTube Channel and on our Official Website. We have live streaming facility on YouTube and time to time we organize live events so you can watch from any place anytime.
Goto Interview Center



Mailers are the newsletter, whitepaper and research paper about our company, service, product and people which we have branded, broadcasted. You find each and every broadcasted mailer here and read online.
Goto Mailer Center



We have very good relationship with media including paper media, electronic media, and other trending media. Gradually we have started releasing article and commercial in media, very shortly you will see our commercials around you.
Goto Media Center



Seminar is a top priority channel for us where we get selected audience. In seminar we get the opportunity to put our product and describe their technical sound feature. Gradually we have started organizing seminar to demonstrate our product and services.
Goto Seminar Center



Societal or Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. We have good presence over social media and gradually our follower started increasing.
Goto Societal Center



Here you can manage your subscription, where you want to receive mailers, newsletter, sms, call, commercial, offers, research paper, whitepaper, reminder, notification and several other communication channels.
Goto Subscribe Center



Syndicate is a communication medium where we publish the content through RSS feed and user can subscribe our RSS. You can find various RSS feeds including, corporate, offers, product, service and several events and segments.
Goto Syndicate Center



Usually we send offers, update and transactions detail through telecom SMS and phone call. You can register your number here for various product and services to receive all commercials, update and transaction details.
Goto Telecom Center



We organize webinar and webcast to take feedback, survey, update, product launch, training, research, support and several other event. You can book your schedule and find all the schedule webinar list.
Goto Webinar Center