Ayodhya Samachar Agency

Ayodhya Samachar is an online news portal which provide news broadcasting, advertisement management, image galleries, video gallery, directories and survey system. Ayodhya Samachar started back in 2013 and now became a leading news agency in Faizabad, Ambedkar Nagar, Sultanpur and selling news product to Newshunt, Google News Standard, Microsoft Magazine, Local newspaper and several other channel.

Portal fully integration with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, google AdSense, google Map and several other services. Portal provide content by RSS syndication, browser notification, Send notification to Android Application.

We have developed android application for Ayodhya Samachar which integrated with portal. Admin have the permission to push the notification to Google cloud messaging platform, management the news online and provide news in multi languages. Currently portal provide news in Hindi Language.


Project details