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One account enough to our all product and services. Create one universal account today; that’s absolutely free and secure.

We store person and contact detail separately for each account and treat them as separate accounts. However, we don’t store any authentication over them. You can singup for all the account with one universal account that will be the global that why we call universal account. If you forget universal account, then will not able to access any of the login.

You can use Universal Account Username and password for any of below account

Nine Golden rule to secure online account

Use Unique Password

Stop kidding yourself that you only re-use passwords on accounts that don’t matter, or that you have an unbreakable password scheme that no one else can guess. We never advice to keep same password for account the accounts that will be dangerous in some scenario.

Don’t Store Anywhere

Don’t store password to your laptop, desktop, password manage, Volt, Mobile and other kind of device. There is nothing call un-hackable; The most secure object is you mind and try to remember it.

Use Random Password

Try to use random password so hackers can’t guess it, there are many instances where people keep their password with their pet name, city, district, Welcome, greeting, beloved person, GF name, child name and even more on. Hacker guessed easily these things.

Turn On Two Factor Verification

Offer suggest, to turn on two factor verification so when you change browser, system network, broadband and IP change is their than we asked to verify the identity again before come to account even after successful authenticated user.

Change Password Frequently

Frequently changed password create impossibility to leak that why we used to suggest to account users to change the password frequently, minimum 1 time in quarter and if possible change monthly.

Don’t Forget Security PIN

We provide security pin for you which you require for password recovery therefore, you should not save, share, and forward to anyone. We never asked such kind of details.

Don’t Share via Messaging App

Lots of user their credential through skype, WhatsApp and many more messaging application which leading to leakage of password. We advise in any kind of urgency please don’t share your credential with other. If notice such kind of activity, then it going to blockage of your account.

Subscribe to Universal Mailer

We have a have a robotic automation to send mailer regular and for each event of your account activities. If you have not subscribe than please subscribe for security mailer where you will get updates, activities and our offers details next to your mailbox.

Any Incident Call to us Instantly

For any kind of malware activity, fraudulent, or suspicious activity you can call us instantly on our contact details. Call us

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