The Journey of two Best Friends

I am not feeling any shame or any kind of hesitation to tell how company idea triggered into mind. It is a very beautiful journey of triangle love which triggered to it.

In 2012, I and Shivshyam were in same apartment and loving to same girl and the girl says whoever will be the successful business man she will be with them. The point was triggered that why we can't start a company and be a successful business person. In 2013 we brought to Bangalore to complete remaining study and for higher education and job prospective. She was connected till July, 2013 after that no calls, no SMS and no connections.

Shivshyam was totally busy with their study and I was too; Meanwhile, I was working on an idea to company. We registered a domain in August,2013 and start working on them. Due to some dispute and unskilled competencies we were not able to continue the website and it got closed in November, 2014.

In December, 2014 I planned to open a reseller hosting portal ( and start selling hosting space and their related products from Godaddy Turnkey reseller plan. Developed and launched many other person portal like Ayodhya Samachar News Portal and Some Temple Website in PHP language.

We were not satisfied we java and PHP language to develop website and host on server. For Java no end to end develop tools and technologies available like C#.NET platform. Idea triggered into mind and switched to C#.NET platform to develop and deploy the application for smartphone, table, web, desktop and cloud. At that time, we had no choice to beside this platform which we can afford, develop and deploy application to many platforms. We have left completely java and PHP development and adopted Microsoft technologies to develop the software.

We became very consistence about Microsoft Language, Technologies, Platform and all software. We start using Windows OS and their product and service and removed non-essential object which triggering inconsistency at work.

In December, 2015 we were not making good money or we can say unsatisfied we Godaddy reseller platform and closed down and sit back for 10 days and analyzed all the mistake and drawback. In past we have booked many website like,, and which later shutdown due to inconsistent idea and operational plan also we can say no sustainable business model . Later in Dec, 2015 we started and worked on that but no business model and no profit. Later it also done to shut down.

In December, 2015 we started new journey called and to develop and deploy our services and products. We registered our website with Hioxindia; a Web hosting company in Chennai. Registered trademark of Lemborco and on 20 June, 2016 company name as Lemborco Software Private Limited with all the statutory formality.

Shivshyam and Rahul join Lemborco in February,2016 Rahul moved from this due to some personal problem. Avadhesh and Shivshyam continue towards Lemborco. Hence registered company with two people; Avadhesh and Shivshyam.

After many financial struggle we started our operation in June, 2017 and completed all compliances. Now we’re working on business and looking for some funding to scale our company.


Avadhesh Lemborco
Director of Board