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Lemborco, is a last name of company owner and registered trademark of company. Lemborco name came from Avadhesh, the company owner, last name unofficially, everyone calling him “Avadhesh Lemborco” than our Managing decided to give company name “Lemborco software private limited”.

Lemborco software private limited, has two equity shareholder; Mr. Avadhesh Lemborco and Mr. Shiv Shyam that implies company has two owner and company leading by Mr. Avadhesh Lemborco who held highest share of company.

Company has two shareholders, Mr. Avadhesh Lemborco and Mr. Shivshyam. Due to privacy reason be cannot disclose percentage of share, which they hold. However, if you need more information you can send email to

Yes, company register with registrar of Government of India. On Ministry of Corporate Affaire (MCA) Portal you can find our company information. Our company identification number is U74999KA2016PTC094271 and you can find all information on that portal. Also, you can search on Google and find publicly available company information on third party website as well.

Yes, Lemborco® is a registered trademark. Trademark Certificate No. 1496356, registered Date: 21/03/2017, Notified in Journal No: 1790, trademark class: 35 and valid up / renewed up: 29/03/2026. You can find more information about trademark on our statutory page and government website of

We have declared our company vision, mission and values. Below you can find a quick intro of them.
Vision: Our vision is to be the best innovative company in the world with rich in technology and talent.
Mission: Our mission is to provide high quality product, safe and faster service to customer and industry.
Values: We have three core values and whole foundation stand on them.

1. Be Honest in Each Relationship
2. Consistency, Reliability and Sustainability
3. Milk The Resources Not to Exploit

For information, you can detail on Mision, Vision and Values page respectively.

Company have nine cultural statement and each of them have our values. Here you can get all details about them.

Company has 12 major products in our catalog and our revenue system relies on them
1. Lemborco® Analytic
2. Lemborco® Certificate
3. Lemborco® Associate
4. Lemborco® Clouding
5. Lemborco® Compact
6. Lemborco® Package
7. Lemborco® System
8. Lemborco® Security
9. Lemborco® Clouding
10. Lemborco® Project
11. Lemborco® Toolbox
12. Lemborco® Solution

We have Lemborco® Project development service but treat as a product. Our services are;
1. Automation
2. Development
3. Digitalization
4. Infographics
5. Integration
6. Micrographic
7. Monetization
8. Optimization
9. Project Support
10. Visualization
11. Web Hosting

Yes, Lemborco® have a dedicated support center where customer, client, associate, personnel and every stockholder can get support.
Write Us:
Ring us: +91-8884443005
Visit: Support Center

Presently, company have two members in our board. MR. Avadhesh Lemborco and Mr. Shivshyam. You can find more information on our Board page

Presently, company don’t have any investor and however we’re looking for Angel or VC Investor to scale our operation.

Presently, company is not register with BSE. Company is limited by share. In future it might be possible.

We release all the vacancies through our official career page and third party recruitment associate. You can find us on Naukari, MonsterIndia and Indeed. We hiring policy which describe in Policy Page.

Anyone can make or send payment to us Online, Offline and net banking. You can find banking account detail on our Payment page. Accept payment many ways. If you are not reachable any of payment method than you can make payment through offline and send you receipt at

You can send support related queries
Call +91-8884443005

You can send Grievance related queries
Call us +91-8095525738

For business and marketing related query you can send to or call us on +91-8884443005. To talk to our Sr. Executive call us +91-8095225738.

Yes, company has research center which responsible for research of products. If you have any idea than, please send us on, if our idea useful than you will be awarded and financial support also will be provided to you.

We have a dedicated support center for statutory, legal and compliance, license, fraudulent, ombudsman case, policy violation and human resource legal issues. If you face kind of issue please drop an email to,

You can contact to our training department who manage talent, training, learning and certification related queries and issue. Write us on or call us on +91-8884443005

We have finance department who manage all monetary related issues. For any kind of financial inquiry, Payment refund, unclaimed credit, reimbursement, account receivable, account payable, payroll and several other financial activities related issues. Write us on or call us on +91-8884443005.

Feedback and testimonials are very important for us to improve our service and products. We will more appreciate for your valuable feedback and testimony. Please feel free to write us on or call us +91-8884443005.

For media interview, feedback, mailers, media, seminar, social media issue, subscription, syndication, telecom and webinar related issue please to Lemborco® Presence team, write us call us +91-8884443005.

We have a specialized team for integrity, privacy, policies, ethics, core, values, mission, vision and all statutory and whole company related issue. You can directly contact to our board member, write us or call us on +91-8884443005. We take very seriously these thing therefore our board member’s responsibility to short out these kind of issues.

Please provide your feedback and suggestions on below email address.