Lemborco customer is a dedicated account management portal where they can see all payments, invoices, adjustment, purchase, ticket and queries. If any special offer applicable than it will directly deliver to them.

• Customer account has built in such way that should be more personalize so customer can manage their profile easily. There is a lot of flexibility and account custom setting provided.
• It’s very secure and sustainable
• It’s very simple and super easy to understand the process
• It’s a centralize account for customer implies that no matter which product you’re purchasing going to reflect in your account transactional history so you can see payments, invoices, adjustment, discount, tax and each and every component.
• We have a dedicated website to manage account and their issues
• We provide a dedicated support to customer so they don’t have to waste time on tuning the phone and routine the email.

We’re coming very soon with this facility which will available at customer.lemborco.com and meanwhile, if you have any question than please feel free to contact us on below communication channel.

Contact Call : +91-8884443005

Contact Email : customer@lemborco.com