Lemborco Clouding

Lemborco Clouding is platform where customer and client can install your own version of Lemborco® System and Lemborco® Package application and use. Lemborco® Clouding will charge as per subscription business model.

Clouding is a cloud platform where no limit of storage, bandwidth and technical compatibility. We charge to our customer base on Subscription and utilization of applications. Clouding is a backbone for Lemborco software ecosystem so we have a very scalable, stable and reliable cloud to deliver the product and offer the services to client.

Our Clouding Products

We have various component product of clouding

Clouding System

Clouding system is a hosted version of system and a complete enterprise source planning system which manage all similar kind of functions of its domain.
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Clouding package

Package is a specialized module of Lemborco® System which can be plugin and plug out based on the requirement. Packages are very focused and to the point applications which developed by the industry experts.
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Clouding Storage

Clouding storage is a cloud space which consume by application to storage the information. There are many plan and business model which give customer flexibility to choose plan according to their requirement.
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Clouding Training

This product provide training to implement and use of application to client, customer and end user. By opting this product customer will be eligible to use this service.
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Clouding Support

We provide support to all products of clouding. Our expert team on cloud provides expert guidance and support. It helps to identify areas where cloud can have greatest impact.
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Lemborco Clouding Product Launch

Presently, we’re working on this product and our research team dedicatedly doing research to get live for you.If you have some query, please feel free to contact us. we’ll intimate you very soon.

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Contact Email : clouding@lemborco.com