Lemborco Associate

For those who have a skilled sales team but not the expertise to develop software solutions

Lemborco has been one of the best software developer in the world since the past decade. This has been possible because of an experience team of experts, a strong and diverse clientele extending to over the world, partners, inventors, vendors and all stakeholders.

Over the years, we have developed Partnership with various software development service providers; whether it is web design firms, digital marketing agencies, or software development companies, we have worked to the best of our abilities and always received positive feedback.

Lemborco is known for its competitive yet affordable business solutions and you get to add to your array of services. You can also leverage upon our platform, brand name and customer base to increase visibility of your services. Lemborco drafted its Partnership programs to build stronger relationships with those in this industry.

Our Associate Product

Be a Lemborco Associate and grow with us

Private Partnership

For those who have a skilled sales team but not the expertise to develop software solutions.
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Franchise Partnership

Under this program, you promote our brand name and services under your local domain.
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Referral Partnership

You send us a lead and if it converts, you get a share in the earnings. We many program where we award to customer, client, and associate.
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Strategic Alliance

Helps you reach more prospects and enables us to offer a more diverse list of services. All product and service will be deliver with co-branding.
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Reselling Partnership

Those who’re a best in selling and master of product pricing and reselling; is a best plan for them.
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Brokering Partnership

This suite for those who have good downline network’s cline and tending contact of business.
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Web site is up and running and ready to delivery the product. If you face any kind of issue product related; fee free to contact us.

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