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We always try to hire the talent from university and educational institutions. The competencies, which fit for our need and company ecosystem and for that we always being curious about that. We have certain academic competency benchmark that is international standard set by our company board.

Every employee should have these competencies to understand company culture and work in our ecosystem. We also deeply understand that student profile is not built for one company, its can fulfill many business and company need. Therefore, we have certain training program which provide to employee boost their career after come to ecosystem.

We want to harness the talent and want to milk the talent so we can build some product and do business. The basic competencies are listed in our academic dossier which may be helpful for employee, who are looking to work with us.

Academic learning is the competency level got from the institution and applied in business. For the research, problem findings we look back in academic learning. Its shows highest institutional knowledge and company profiles.

We deal with three below given domains of education:
• Management
• Technology
• Marketing
• Personality

We would like to maintain the consistency of data as international standards. Definitions, terms and meaning all other object and scenarios should be in a position which could comprehend by maximum audience. Glossary works like guideline to define the things and helps to build professionalism.

We also support educational institutional program and do seminar to tell the industry requirement and teach them how they can map their skills and knowledge to meet organization requirements.

In near future we would like to hire the people for technology domain to develop the product and service. To hire any people, we will check three domain knowledge i.e. Management, Technology and Personality.

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